NEWS Michael Music


02/04/19 Michael’s track „Into Trauma“ is featured in recent „Our Planet“ Netflix Trailers, published by Evolving Sound




02/04/19 Michael’s track „Brick Wall“ is featured in the latest „Hobbs & Shaw“ Trailer & Super Bowl Spots, published by Evolving Sound




01/09/19 Michael’s track „Shadows Fall“ is used for official HOTEL MUMBAI trailer




10/30/18 Michael’s track „This Immortal Coil“ is used in Netflix´ Outlaw King trailer





10/18/18 „Outlander Season 4“ promo
featuring the track „Invasion“ & „Starlight“ from the album Infinity




10/17/18 Michael’s track „Virtual Reality“ was featured in the „Blade Runner 2049“ campaign
Music published by MYMA



08/07/18 Trailer placement in „Robin Hood UK Teaser Trailer“
featuring the track „God of Hate“



07/22/18 Trailer placement in „Arrow S7 Comic-Con Trailer“
featuring the track „Killing Room“ from Trailer Beast 1.


07/18/18 Sound design in the „First Man“ trailer



07/16/18 Trailer placement in Lone Echo – Oculus Rift VR



06/26/18 Sound design placement in Star Wars Han Solo




06/08/18 Michael`s track „Pulse Engine“ can be found in the new trailer for Halloween 2018



06/06/18 Michael had the pleasure to write the soundtrack for the new video game „Antigraviator, you can BUY the game here:




02/20/18 Michael had the great honor to write custom trailer music for the new Battlefield 1 Apocalypse Trailer
Many thanks to Source Sound & EA Dice



02/05/18 Our Sound Design is featured in the „Red Sparrow“ campaign (Int.Trailer & TV Spots):



02/04/18 Our track „Breath of Evil“ is featured in new „Winchester“ TV Spots:



02/01/18 New Cloverfield Paradox Super Bowl Spot feat. our Sound Design:



10/15/17 „Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2“ TV Spots feat. „Origins“

10/15/17 „Thor Ragnarok“ TV Spots feat. some SFX published by Glory Oath + Blood
10/15/17 „For Honor“ Accolades Trailer feat. „Run Or Die“:

10/15/17 Facebook´s „Game Room“ Trailer feat. „Origins

07/17/17 New „War for the Planet of the Apes“ TV Spots feat. our track „Origins“

07/01/17 Check out new West World TV Spot on HBO feat. my track „Regenesis“ published by Really Slow Motion

05/05/17 Check out new Tarzan TV Spots feat. my track „Zion“ from album Trailer Beast

05/01/17 New Album „Trailer Beast“ composed for Warner Chappell



02/02/17 Supergirl TV Spot feat. „Ascension Fear“ published by FiXT/Position Music



01/30/17 BEYOND TV Spots feat. multiple tracks from album „Electronic Orchestral Trailer“ published my MYMA / APM Music



01/25/17 WHEN THE BOUGH BREAKS TV Spot feat. our track „Orbiter One“ published by Really Slow Motion Trailer Music



01/15/17 EDGE OF TOMORROW TV Spot feat. track „Alien Machine“ published by FiXT / Position Music



01/13/17 WALKING DEAD Series 7 TV Spots feat. „The Executioner“ published by Universal PM



06/01/16 New Gotham TV Spot feat. „The Executioner“ by Michael Maas



01/22/16 Check out french TV Spots for „TUT – Amazon Original Series“ feat. our track „Battle of History“



10/01/15 Check out our track „Orbiter One“ in world wide TV Spot´s for „Maze Runner 2 – The Scorch Trials“:



03/01/2015 CHAPPIE TV Spots feat. our track „Silversurfer“ by Really Slow Motion