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Michael Music is Michael Maas, the composer who was born 1983 in Germany.
As an “Early Bird”, Michael took guitar and piano lessons and even had his first successful concerts in Germany, at a tender age of 6.
Therefore, classical music is a fundamental component in his compositions today. But his style is modern, which targets different genre and audiences.
At the age of 16, Michael earned his first major record deal. He gained recognition and experience in musical and stage performances throughout Europe. After several years of recordings in various studios and working with numerous labels, Michael decided to make his passion his profession.
His focus is “Film and Trailer Music, with specialization in epic piano, orchestra, sound design and choir compositions.”
Michael is working since 2013 for different trailer librarys like Universal Music, FiXT (Celldweller, Blue Stahli), Position Music, Immediate Music, Warner Chappell, Fired Earth Music, Imagem Production Music, Really Slow Motion, Sonic Symphony a.m.